Animated Powerpoint Templates – 2019 Degrapvid Early Bird Price Now

Degrapvid - Big Bundle Graphic Designs and Animated Video Templates
The Good
  • Newbie Friendly, Just edit & replace, in fact ANYONE CAN DO IT!
  • High Quality Fresh Design Package Marketing Kit in The World
  • No Design and No Technical Skills Required
The Bad
  • - Need an Internet connection to access the product for downloading online.

Animated Powerpoint Templates – 2019 Degrapvid Early Bird Price Now

Graphic designs and animated video is a key component in the marketing world overall to build brand awareness and influence the customer’s decision-making process. Without visual content, you are missing a huge chunk of communication opportunities. Many thousands of online and offline business people need marketing weapon such as graphic designs and animated video marketing every time. You can hypnotize many people to know your product or service with the best High-Converting marketing weapon. DEGRAPVID is one of the best social media animated PowerPoint Templates in 2019 and you will find out more in this article.


What is Degrapvid?

Degrapvid is an All-in-One “Graphic Designs and Animated Video Marketing Templates” Solutions. DEGRAPVID is a brand new big bundle marketing solution for your business. We created it with the goal of help you in solving marketing content creation issues. You don’t need to have complicated software or additional plugin, no need hire design experts because anyone can do it as long as you have PowerPoint installed in your computer. 

You can use Degrapvid to create high-quality graphic designs and animated video marketing for your online and offline business. Such as Facebook Cover Banner, Instagram Promotion Designs, Social Stories Promotion Designs, Poster/Flyer Designs, Name Card Designs, High-Converting Video Promotion Templates, Company Profile Video Templates, Instagram Video Promotion Templates, Social Story Video Templates and many more.


With Degrapvid, you can create your social media campaign or amazing design with the templates included in the bundle with the following three easy steps: 


Step 1: Choose and Open Your Template

Select your desired template from a huge range of spectacular video templates.


Step 2: Edit as Desired

Optionally you can edit the timing and animation of any element to your personal liking or project needs.


Step 3: Export File

Once you finished editing everything then you can export your work to Full High Definition video and graphic files such as JPG, PNG, PDF, etc.


What Will You Get Inside Degrapvid?

As this is all in one Marketing solution and Big Bundle templates for your promotion, here are exactly what you will get inside:


  • 30 Facebook Cover Promotion Banner Designs
  • 30 Instagram Promotion Banner Designs
  • 20 Social Story Promotion Banner Designs
  • 20 Premium Poster/Flyer Designs
  • 30 Name Card Designs
  • 10 High-Converting Video Promotion Templates
  • 8 Company Profile Video Templates
  • 10 Instagram Video Promotion Templates
  • 8 Social Story Video Promotion Templates
  • 8 Logo Opener Video Templates
  • Exclusive Bonus including Whitelabel Background Animations Pack, Animated Icon Assets with 50+ Animated Icon Asset,  Aerial 4K Stock Video, Whiteboard Graphics Bundle Assets, Animated Characters Bundle with 100+ Pose Animated Characters All Ready Done For You


For example, you will find the following  templates inside Degrapvid. You can also click here to view the full templates collection. 

Module 1: Facebook Cover Promotion Designs



Module 2: Instagram Promotion Designs


Module 3: Social Story Promotion Designs




Module 4: Poster/Flyer Designs


Module 5: Name Card Designs


Module 6: High-Converting Video Promotion Templates


Module 7: Company Profile Video Templates



Module 8: Instagram Video Promotion Templates



Module 9: Social Story Video Templates



Module 10: Logo Opener Templates



This is more than you ever imagine because you can make the best graphic designs and animated video marketing only using PowerPoint.

With Degrapvid, you don’t need any of the following: 

– No complicated video software. 

– No additional plugin needed.

– No technical skills required.

– No need to buy additional music.

– No need to buy extra images and video footages.

Now you can create a new stunning instantly video and graphics, without need Adobe after effects, premiere, vegas pro, photoshop or more editing skills. 


Final Verdict

DEGRAPVID created with the goal of help you in solving marketing content creation issues, this is a brand new big bundle marketing solution for your business. It will makes it easy for you because you don’t need having the skills, no need to buy extra additional images, music or video footage. And you will also definitely get quality designs and animated videos along with fresh animation from DEGRAPVID. You will not regret getting the DEGRAPVID a Biggest Graphic Designs and Animated Video templates, because you will get High-Quality graphic designs and animated videos without spending more money. I hope this information will be useful to you. If you have any questions, please let us know by writing your comment in the below section.

Remember, you can click here or click the following button to buy it in an EARLY BIRD PRICE!

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