Click&Leads Review – How To List Building + Scheduling Facebook post

ClickandLeads Review

Click&Leads Review – How To List Building + Scheduling Facebook post

When we think about collecting leads to build our email list and how to make money online, we may think about running a paid promotion, improving SEO of your site to generate more traffic or how to optimize your landing page and the opt-in form. Apart from these paid methods, you may also think, ‘how to list building?’, ‘Is there a tool that allow scheduling Facebook post and do list building together?’. The answer is YES! There is a new way that you can generate more leads within a few simple clicks on your mouse. This amazing tool is called Click&Leads. Simply speaking, this Click&Leads software works like magic which is built to generate leads faster, easier, with much less effort. Stay tune as you will know more details in my Click&Leads review


Click&Leads Review

Click&Leads Review - Why should you get it?
ClickandLeads Review

Product Name: Click&Leads

Product Description: Click & Leads is a brand-new point and click software that could bring you a huge amount of traffic and convert that traffic to become your leads – on autopilot. You don’t need to create any content to get the traffic, and you don’t need to learn any special skill to operate the software. It is the fastest and the most affordable system to get unlimited leads and sales!

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What is Click&Leads? 

Click & Leads is a  brand-new point and click software that could bring you a huge amount of traffic and convert that traffic to become your leads – on autopilot.You don’t need to create any content to get the traffic, and you don’t need to learn any special skill to operate the software. It is the fastest and the most affordable system To get unlimited leads and sales. 


To get more leads, all you need to do is no more than these five steps: 

  1. Open Click&Leads
  2. Scrape a viral content on the internet directly from the software
  3. Post it on your Facebook page, again, directly from the software
  4. Sit back and relax while Click & Leads do the hard work for you, by grabbing the emails of anyone who clicking on your post
  5. Smile and pour the champagne as you see the growing number of people who’re being added to your list.




With Click & Leads, you could

  • Engage With Your Audience 24/7 
  • Get Leads And Sales, And Build Your List With Your Exact Target Market Even While You Sleep.
  • Pay Zero In Advertising Costs.
  • Send Your Follow-Up Campaign To Your Brand New Leads With Instant Connection To Your Autoresponder.

  • Interact With Potential Customers ONLY.
  • Have Your List Without Fake Emails On Your List.


Click here to learn more about Click&Leads with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Click & Leads Features 

This cutting-edge new amazing software offers you a hassle-free way to generate leads with only a simple click. Yes, only a click of your mouse.   There’s No Complex Coding Or Programming To Worry About, Nothing To Install, Just Quick-And-Easy Leads. 


Feature 1: 100% cloud based 

  • This cloud-based application generates and delivers Facebook “email-capture” posts and ads. 


Feature 2:Facebook  email-capture posts

  • Every click on these “email-capture” posts not only redirects the visitor to the post-link url ­­– like any other fb post – but also captures their email along the way. 


Feature 3:Facebook Pixel

  • You can save the pixel of each of the Facebook users that click on the post 


Feature 4:No-friction 

  • The opt-in conversion rate is very high  because it is a no-friction flow system and you can easily target up to 2 billion users in every type of niche. 


Feature 5:Ready to use  

  • The Click&Leads user has all the work done in advance so you don’t need to  create a Facebook or Google account. You only need to link your existing Facebook account inside Clcik&Leads so that you can post your content to collect the leads.  


Feature 6: 3 Types Of Post Generator 

  •  Click & leads has 3 sources of captivating new content to choose from built directly into the application, generating enticing email-capture posts and thereby leveraging fast, free, and easy clicks into easy leads.
  • Simply choose the type of post to generate the click-magnet: 
    • Post Templates
    • Viral News
    • Trending Videos. 


Feature 7:Limitless possibilities:  

  • You have limitless possibilities and variations of content to create the most attractive and fresh post to be the viral lead-magnets 


Feature 8: Autoresponder

  • These email leads are sent to the user autoresponder list to get the ball rolling on any follow-up sequence necessary, jumpstarting sales. 




Why do you need Click & Leads? 

Subscribers are your insurance for profits nowadays, tomorrow and the long run but most users aren’t so willing to buy online.Therefore, it’s more necessary than ever to own leads – those who are ‘warmed up’ to your product and have a reason to trust you. The additional leads you have got on your list are the extra money you’ll be able to create. Also, email is the most powerful tool to get sales compared to social media or maybe a paid promotion. With Click & Leads, you are no longer need to invest crazy amounts of money to feature subscribers because you can get free leads when they click your facebook post as what they do in their daily life. 

In additional to getting the Click&Leads software, you will also be able to get the following from the vendor:


Click&Leads Price

Front-end: Click&Leads ($37)

  • New secret lead-generation technology more powerful than anything that’s ever been seen before. I can bet you have seen nothing or heard of nothing like this ever.

OTO 1: Click&Leads Club ($37)

  • 10 Giveaway Product-Templates Added To The User Library Each Month.
  • The 10 Products To Giveaway Added To Their Library.
  • 10 “Thank You” Pages To Complete Their Funnels
  • Added feature To Post To FB Profile, To Any FB Group, To Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsUp, And More.

OTO 2: Click&Leads Likes&Comments ($37)

  • Allow Click&Leads Posts To Be Discovered And Clicked By Thousands – No Matter How Small The User Facebook Fanbase Is.
  • The Software Will Lock The Link On The Post. So People Couldn’t Visit The Giveaway Or Offer On The Post… Unless They’re Commenting And/Or Clicking The Like Button On The Post.
  • Legally-Forces The Audience To Spread The Post To Their Friends On Facebook.

OTO 3: Click&Leads Website Scraper ($47)

  • There are no limits to the content you can grab with Scraper from stores or websites.
  • Browser extension to navigate , find and post, Cross-browser Compatibility – Whether you use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • The Best Content – Because you can pick anything you know is good.
  • Can scraper Shopify store and make your FB ads like lead-capture in seconds.

OTO 4: Click&Leads Agency License ($267)

  • Sell Lead-Service To Online Or Local Businesses
  • Create An Agency Selling Click&Leads Access
  • Allow Your Clients To Register Their Own Accounts With Click&Leads For Small Fee
  • Easily Charge $97-$497+ PER Client Which Will Add Up FAST!


Bottom Line 

While there are so many Internet Marketing gurus that said ‘the money is in the list’, there are many Internet Marketers (including you and me), is sometimes being stressed of finding a way to get more leads. We know – Without a list, any promotion is risky. Click & Leads is a brand new software that you don’t have to stress about generating leads anymore because what you need to do is to share your posts on Facebook and you collect your leads when your target customer click your post. 

To find out even more benefits of using Click&Leads, and see Click & Leads in action, simply click the link below for more details. 



P.S. If you act now, you may still have a chance to get this software for the early bird price.

In fact, the price is going up fast… so go check the link below while it’s still fresh in your mind! 


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