30 Amazing Benefits of Learning Piano

30 Amazing Benefits oLearning Piano

You probably know piano is not an easy instrument to learn, but once you are determined to master the basics, you will learn to play more complicated music and achieve a sense of satisfaction. You may think, ‘Why should I learn piano?’. Here are the lists of 30 benefits of learning piano.


  1. Improve patience and perseverance through practice.
  2. You can play the piano for a hobby and it helps you relieve stress and achieve personal enjoyment.
  3. Accelerate your aesthetic appreciation such as musicals, ballet, opera, and art.
  4. Learn the social bonding skills between a performer and their audience.
  5. Learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence.
  6. Be proudly able to say to one that ‘I am a pianist’ or ‘l am a musician’.
  7. Improve hand and eye co-ordination.
  8. Improve your self-discipline skills, self-reliance, and sharpening your focus.
  9. You can learn the value of attention to detail in the nuances of musical expression.
  10. You will have a new field of expertise in your life


  1. You can acquire pianistic articulation and dynamic skills such as knowing how to play legato, staccato, and forte by playing the piano.
  2. You gain knowledge of musical theory through learning the piano.
  3. When you learn how to play a piece of music, it enhances your understanding of rhythm across a variety of time signatures, genres, and styles.
  4. Learning piano helps train your ear to recognize different pitches and polyphonic patterns of notes.
  5. Playing a musical piece that uses both hands for multi-tasking can improve the integration of both hemispheres of the brain. e.g. you play staccato on the right hand while playing the legato passage on the left hand.
  6. You can learn how the great composers and songwriters think, work, and how they compose music.
  7. Learning the piano can enhance and expand your creative skills and imagination.
  8. You will be able to learn how to improvise as part of an accompanist or part of a band or orchestra.
  9. You will be able to understand chords better, such as Triad, 2″° Inversion, Diminished 7th, and minor chords.
  10. Learning piano can improve your sight-reading skills and you will know how to follow sheet music and scores.


  1. Playing the musical scores written by composers from different nationalities helps to improve your cultural understanding and knowledge base.
  2. Learning the piano can broaden your world horizons and views through social interaction with other musicians.
  3. You can be an accompanist for ballet schools and dance academies in the future.
  4. You can teach private piano lessons to earn a living.
  5. You can build and brand your piano website and social media network to share your skills with others.
  6. You can become a composer for movies, corporate market or popular charts.
  7. You will know how to arrange music for other musicians or do other orchestral arrangements and reductions.
  8. You can play at summer festivals to get others to know you.
  9. You can write a piano methodology eBook based on your personal experience and sell it online.
  10. You can become a school music teacher or college lecturer.


Final Thoughts

Are there other benefits of learning piano that you can think of? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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